//Ethics in franchises

| 16. March, 2014

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Ethics in franchises

At the end of a negotiation, we seek to implement a
relationship where the equation is: win-win as long as both parties have a
broad view of what is winning. In the case of a Franchisor-Franchisee
relationship we must specify every detail of what this means.

The Franchisor expects its profit but mainly wants the
prestige of its brand to be increased due to the additional points of sale, and
customer contact. And of course finally, to gain a profit from the franchise.

The Franchisee for its part will benefit from the generating
profits, reduces risks by managing the business with the constant support,
having the specialists always like one to turn to in case of doubts or problems
that arise outside its authority, and support in order to achieve the necessary

In this case, the customer enters to the business
relationship, through a commercial channel near him, which gives the same
products and the same quality that can be acquired at any point of sale of the
franchise brand, the only difference is in the personnel service which is an advantage
if your franchise offers more personalized attention.

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